Humlefestival 2017

Humlefestival is an art and music festival which dates back to 1980. It all started when local Christian rock bands wanted to create an opportunity for themselves to play live, but over the years the festival grew to a broad and open culture festival where anybody can feel at home regardless of their background.

This year’s festival takes place 11-13 of August at the same place as always: the camp area of the Baptist congregation, Hummelholmen, Monäs, Nykarleby, Finland. It is a festival for all senses and ages organized by volunteers.

The programme is fresh, life-celebrating and seldomly predictable. It’s based on music, art, workshops, great food, performances – with a chance for own interaction and participation. The relative smallness of the festival creates an intimate atmosphere that make the music and art experiences personal and intense.

Our aim is to create a platform for personal encounters regardless of background, race, skin color, religion, sex, etc. We are convinced that these encounters build bridges between persons, will enhance our understanding of each other, and through that make the world a slightly more beautiful one. The programme is the frame and your presence is needed in order to create the full picture.

You’re most welcome to join the Humlefestival!



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