Schedule release & more performers

The festival is quickly approaching, and now the schedule has been released! In addition to that, we have released several more performers. These are the bands The Local Harvesters and McDango, poet Tomas Karlsson and the performance LINK by Alan och Carina. To see when all the different performers can be seen and heard, go to the Schedule.

Automatiskt utkast

This year’s festival

This year, Humlefestival will be arranged 10-12 august on the same location as always; beautiful Hummelholmen in Monäs. We have a fantastic line-up, inlcuding artists, bands, poets and performers. Go read all about them!

Micke Allén at Humlefestival 2017

Now we are finally there! The Humlefestival 2017 is starting to get its shape and we will now step by step release the names of the participating artists and musicians. The first musician we proudly present is Micke Allén. Micke has been active for many years, but last year he finally released his first album. His music is both melancholic and groovy and his lyrics are thoughtful, human and honest. A unique musician quite simply, and Read more…