Movie maker going under the skin in an esthetic and delicate fashion with a mix of humor and seriousness

Ann Holmgren, movie director, scriptwriter, photographer, and writer, is living in Tönsberg, Norway. Ann grew up in Lycksele, in the south of Lapland, Sweden, but her roots are in Idivuoma in Kiruna municipality, Sweden. Her Sami roots strongly influence her movie making and she has been titled as one of the foremost Sami moviemakers. She is active both in Sweden and in Norway.

Ann got her degree from the Norweigan Film School (Norske Filmskolen), but has also studied psychology, sociology, ethics, and creative writing. In the year 2008 she won the first prize for the best short movie (“Hotellstäderskan”) both at the Brooklyn International Film Festival and at the St. Petersburg Film Festival.
At the Humlefestival the radio play ”Från en du inte känner” and the short movie ”VULKAN” will be exhibited.