Joel Gabrielsson is a musician and artist from Uppsala, Sweden. Joel has studied performing arts and modern dance, but music has been present all along. He has worked as a sound designer for theathers and performing companies, but has also produced and released own albums in different formats.

Gabrielsson’s background is very international; he grew up in Singapore, studied at the School of Movement and Performance in Outokumpu, Finland, after which moved to Ukraine in 2009. During the time in Ukraine his interest for writing music was growing, with a special focus on electroacoustic and ambient music, and he started to experiment with sounds, textures, and electronics in his home studio. During the recent years he has fronted the drone-pop band Toys in the Well, and they have toured around Europe and released a highly praised EP. After moving back to Sweden, he settled in a small cottage on the country side and started to develop a new solo project. The result was Flyinglow.

The Flyinglow sound can be describes as suggestive, polyrythmic electronica with influences from The Knife and Little Dragon, perfectly accompanied by Gabrielsson’s expressive voice. He has written, produced, and recorded all music on his own, which allowed for creative space and gave the chance for developing the sound in exactly the direction he wanted himself. This naturally also required time, and gave him the opportunity to let the songs develop their depth during the process, resulting in a self-reflecting journey where he could wrestle with existential questions. The result is a very powerful, complex but easily absorbable Scandinavian electronica, and which is presented for the first time in Finland!

At the Humlefestival Flyinglow will be joined on stage by Johan Sundqvist (drum pads), Klas Petterson (synth bass) and Johan Lager (guitar). Not to be missed!