Jennifer Granqvist blurries the borders between dream and reality

Jennifer Granqvist has studied photography, but she also uses painting and text in her art, blurring the borders between the techniques. Her painting is shaped by intuitive experiments and curiousness over things that exist but that cannot be seen.

She works a lot with inner landscapes, abstract motifs that erase the borders between reality and dream. A means of reflecting on the subconscious processes that we all carry with us and how we are formed by the surrounding within which we live.

Jennifer Granqvist

Photo: Nicklas Mattson

Jennifer has always been fascinated by meetings between people and the influence of art on these meetings – but what happens with these meetings when the person is trying to be reconciled with her/himself? She uses the art as an inner healing process in an attempt to build up her world and to share it with others.

After working with other people having a documentary approach, she is now pointing the camera on herself. She aims at challenging her professional role as a photographer and now gives space for her inner processes to be seen in her creativity. She likes to work with themes like belief and identity, and encourages people to question and reflect.