The brothers Patrick and Jonte Wingren have played a central role in the Finnish-Swedish music scene for decades; Patrick as a fantastic pianist, composer, and arranger (M.Ä.N., His Master´s Noise, Annika Miiros, Johanna Grüssner etc..) and Jonte as a soloist and choir singer (M.Ä.N., Betaniakören, Wegeliuskören) with a warm, deep voice– especially his interpretations of the songs of Leonard Cohen have touched many deeply.

A thought that has been nourished for years has finally materialized – Patrick and Jonte have produced a common duo-album. The Humlefestival is proud to announce that their concert at the festival at the same time is the release concert of the album. The music making of the brothers breathes life, playfulness, and quality and the concert is a real pearl in the concert program.