Liedsinger with a broad repertoire

Thomas Ströckens is one of the leading Liedsingers in Germany, but his repertoire reaches from the central compositions of J.S. Bach and Messa di Reqiem by Verdi to Argentinian tango. His clear, convincing tenor voice will enthrall the Humlefestival audience on Saturday night, and he will be accompanied by Patrick Wingren on piano.

Ströckens is mostly active in Germany, but during his carrier spanning more than 20 years he has also performed in Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, France, Holland, Hungary, and Turkey. He is also very much interested in vocal teaching, and is a highly successful teacher of song.

This is the first time that classical music in the form of a solo concert is presented at the Humlefestival, and we are more than proud to be able to offer such a top-class act for this premiere.