Aleix Gordo Hostau started to draw when he was a child and never stopped.

His career started in the publishing industry and since then he has developed his professional trajectory in fields like illustration, comic books, contemporary mural painting and exhibiting his works in multiple galleries.

Aleix Gordo Hostau

His style is influenced by the comic world with references to old classics like Moebius or Otomo Katsuhiro and deeps into the aesthetic blending of traditional eastern cultures like Japan, China or Indonesia. Travelling around the world, Aleix has exhibited his work in countries like Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Austria, Italy, India, Dubai, Japan and USA. He also performed relevant commercial work for companies like Pepe Jeans London, Vans, Nike, Bycicle Cards, Montana Colors, Converse, Tiger Beer, Porsche, Seat, Intel or Amazon.

Based in Barcelona, Aleix focuses his career as an illustrator, muralist and painter collaborating with brands and taking part in worldwide projects.