“FRÖ’s single “Shout!” has both the beauty of the ephemeral and the strength of a battle. In the song, FRÖ‘s crystalline voice flares up like a small flame in the wind.” – HighClouds

FRÖ is all about dynamics and songs. The naked storytelling is carried by a comforting voice and a confident stage persona. She is born and raised in the mountainsides of Jämtland, but since a few year back she lives and performs in Stockholm.


Photo: Niklas Marklund

Now FRÖ enters the stage at Humlefestival for an unplugged gig, and we can expect a night filled with music both powerful and fragile, an honest voice and a strong precense. Together with Erik Fröling she plays newly released music as well as not-yet-released songs that have never been played before.