Hanna Poikonen, contemporary dancer and neuroscientist.
Hanna is originally from Finland but science and movement practice have brought her to live in Australia, Switzerland, Singapore and Costa Rica. Now she is based in Barcelona.

Since her early teenage, she was dedicating to science and movement practice. She started from the urban dance styles, such as locking, break dance, jazz dance and continued through modern to contemporary dance training with Guillermo Weickert, Julien Hamilton, Sam Coren, Rakesh Sukesh, Tero Saarinen Company and Francisco Córdova Azuela among others.

Hanna has a Master´s degree from Aalto University School of Science, dedicating to biomedical engineering, art theory and intercultural communication. As a significant part of the Master’s program, she studied neuroscience in Zurich. She studied post graduate of art therapy in Barcelona and worked as a technical co-worker for brain research and learning in Zurich (2008-2013). 2018 she defended her PhD dissertation ”Dance on cortex – ERPs and Phase Synchrony in dancers and musicians during a contemporary dance piece” (Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki).

Hanna has developed a movement concept called WiseMotion which combines dance and neuroscience in a unique way. It’s a method that improves physical abilities, self-awareness and social bonding through movement and neuroscience. The workshop is based on guided improvisation, neuroscientific explanation of the experience, and group conversation.

On Saturday, we will have the opportunity to take part of Hanna’s research and experience. She will both hold a speech about her research and having a Wisemotion workshop with us. No experience in dance is required.

”Studies on producing music and movement show how during cooperation, the brains of two people become attuned to the same frequency.” Hanna Poikonen