Here you find the schedule for the festival weekend. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all that’s happening!


18:00 Doors open

19:00 Art opening

20:00 This Is How We Fly

21:00 Maja Mannila

22:00 Steph Macleod

23:00 DJ Vigify


10:30 Morning prayer in the chapel

11:00 Brunch

13:00 Workshop: Performance poetry (Louise Nygård & Johanna Kronqvist)

14:30 Discourse: The neuroscience of dancing, in English (Hanna Poikonen)

15:30 Workshop: Dance workshop / WiseMotion (Hanna Poikonen)

17:00 Dinner

18:00 T.O.D

18:15 Charlie Westre

18:45 FRÖ

19:45 Short film: Den gamle och hatet

20:30 Uncle G

21:30 Firefly stories (performance poetry by Johanna Kronqvist and music by Frank Berger & Simon Karlsson)

22:30 Rickard Eklund

23:30 Open Mic in the café


10:30 Morning prayer in the chapel

11:00 Brunch

13:00 Sunday service. Music by Tove & Jukka Leppilampi