The Humlefestival is an alternative, creative and drug-free arts and music festival that has been arranged annually since 1980. The festival was originally established by local Christian rock bands that wanted to create a live platform for themselves, but over the years it has developed into a broad and open culture festival where everybody can feel welcome regardless of background. This year’s festival takes place 10-12th of August at the same location as always; the camp area of the Baptist congregation in scenic Monäs, Munsala. Humlefestivalen is a festival for all senses and ages and is arranged by a group of volunteers.

The program is fresh, life-celebrating, creative, seldom predictable, and is built around arts, music, workshops, home-made food, and human encounters. The relatively small size of the festival makes it very intimate and makes the arts and music-experiences personal and intense. There is no room for stress, apart maybe for the organizers…

Our aim is to create a platform for unconditional encounters regardless of background, color of skin, religious beliefs, and sex. We are convinced that these encounters build bridges between people, and makes the world a slightly better place. The program is the frame and your presence is needed in order to create the full picture.

Warmly welcome to the Humlefestival!

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